Create Content your audience is searching for...

So you can get out of  the Sea of Sameness and Build your audience without relying on Social media and ads!


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Are you tired of  your best content going to waste... 

You are a thought leader in your niche.

You have years of expertise but struggle to get people to find you and hire you for your services.

You've been putting tons of time into creating for your business with little return

You need a plan....

You need a plan to break the cycle of putting your best out there and not getting anything back....

The focus of this challenge it to create a plan that will take the experience and expertise you have and turn it into content that attracts more people to your website, builds your site's SEO and all without the need for ads or posting 24/7 on social.

Turn content into an evergreen attraction strategy that brings you traffic again and again. 

By The End Of This Challenge You Will Learn:

DAY 1: 
Find your audience's questions

So that you can identify what they are searching for. 

DAY 2:
Crack the expertise code

So that your know where your expertise meets your audiences curiosity. 

DAY 3: 
Find the Content Gaps

So that you know what content you can reuse and what you still need to create

DAY 4:
Craft the buyer journey

So that your audience doesn't just visit your site, but they leave out a raving fan and customer

DAY 5:
Write it for repurpose

So that writing content doesn't become another chore, instead it becomes part of the flow and helps you create content for your social too

Mischelle got so much clarity from her round in the Magnetic content challenge:

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Hello! My Name Is Akilah Thompkins-Robinson

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See What Others Are Saying 

I helped me to see the gaps in the content...
I really enjoyed the magnetic content challenge because it helped me to see the gaps in the content I was creating versus what people were wanting to see and searching for. It also reminded me to make sure the content I am creating gets on my website.

-Brittany White-Volks // Email Maximizer

I was able to get three of my videos ranked... 
The Magnetic Accelerator Challenge really helped me to understand how to connect with my audience. Akilah demonstrated how to choose keywords that will get our content in front of our audience. I had great breakthroughs after applying the techniques to my YouTube channel and my Blog! During the challenge I was able to get three of my videos ranked in the top 10 on keywords everywhere and two videos to rank #2 & #3 on YouTube Search! That’s a WIN for me!

-Patrice S Sykes // Pinch of Soul Cooking

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