Is your podcast just for heck of it or to get found?

You started a show to grow your business but some how no one new is listening and you are getting the customers and clients you thought you'd get from starting a show.

Wouldn't is be great to Double Your Downloads!!!!

In 5 days I'll show you SEO strategies to grow your show beyond friends and family listening and get found by a new audience that will quickly become customers. 

Challenge starts in....

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5- DAY Grow Your Show Challenge 

Imagine you can double your downloads with only a few tweaks to your show...
(see the results from just one of my clients) 

Dear Discouraged Podcaster ,  


Started a podcast to help you business, but instead you're talking to the same audience and nothing is growing.
You’re downloads refuse to grow and you’ve probably realized that the only people who are listening to your show are your current clients and audience.

That may seem like fun but for all the work you put into a podcast you need it to grow your audience

There are millions of podcast listeners out there so why aren’t they listening to you. 😩

And you’re not alone. Most people struggle with growing their show. 

I meet podcaster all of the time who have good shows but their audience and downloads never increase so their good show is falling on no ears

But it doesn’t have to be this way!

You probably started your show to help grow your business. Well this a way to grow that show and get more listeners from not just the search engines but all of the podcast platforms too. 

Join me now and let's get started creating your content that converts! Join me now and let's get started growing your show

By The End Of This Challenge You Will Learn:

What drives search engines...

to put your show in the top search results

How to attract more...

of your target audience to listen to your show

How choosing the right guest... 

can help you appear more in the search results

What your show notes...

should have to help your podcast appear more in search 

The key SEO strategies 

every podcaster needs to pay attention to

And the best part we'll also be using our new knowledge in real-time during the challenge so we get results fast and walk away with a plan for your show

Akilah has been training Podcasters on growing with SEO from all over the world for years. Here's some of the places you may have see Akilah speak

....And now you can join her exclusive training for podcasters!!!


In this 5 DAY challenge you will get LIVE INTERACTIVE TRAINING THAT OTHERS HAVE PAID thousands for only $27

Challenge starts in...

"The CONTENT you create will help you build the Business you Want"

What If You Were, Able To Get the perfect clients to find your show and ready to buy just from Listening To A few Podcast Episodes.

Meet Your Host

Akilah Thompkins-Robinson

    I've achieved 10s of thousands of hits to my websites, 148K downloads to my podcast, sold 100s of books, and countless other awards all using the content and traffic strategies I'm going to share with you in this Challenge.
  • ​Author of My SEO Workbook
  • ​host Girl Get Visible Podcast, which listed as one of the top SEO podcast.
  • ​Over 148k downloads with under 100 episode
  • ​Creator SEO Assist Software

Our Challenges get immediate results before the week is even completed...

"I really enjoyed the magnetic content challenge because it helped me to see the gaps in the content I was creating versus what people were wanting to see and searching for. It also reminded me to make sure the content I am creating gets on my website"

- Brittany White- Volks

"The Magnetic Accelerator Challenge really helped me to understand how to connect with my audience.... I had great breakthroughs after applying the techniques to my YouTube channel and my Blog! During the challenge I was able to get three of my videos ranked in the top 10  That’s a WIN for me!"

- Pinch of Soul Cooking 


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What if I can't make the live session?
The sessions are held Monday through Friday at 6:30pm Live in the Facebook groups. The recordings remain in the group for the duration of the Challenge and are available from until the Tuesday after the challenge to give you time watch the replays. 
Will I get feedback on my work during the challenge?
Yes, every day there are action items from training. The action items are reviewed, commented on, and given feedback by Akilah, the GGV team, and other participants during the challenge. 

Can I have my team participate in the challenge?
Yes, having your team join is a great idea if you have multiple help produce your show. The information will the especially helpful for the people on your team who handle task like booking guest, thinking up show ideas, and writing show notes. 

The event is one registration person, each person will have to register to get access to the FB group which is where the Live videos and replays will be for the 7 das. To have your team join join you should buy separate registrations for each or share the link and have them register. If you have trouble please emai us at

Do I need a Podcast ?
We'll be sharing tips and strategies you can implement immediately during the training week so to get the maximum benefit you should have show or have plans to start a show in the next 60 days.

Normally our challenges are open to everyone but for this challenge we are going to spend a lot of time working with Podcast Owners and soon to be Podcast Owners.  If you want to learn about the next challenge visit

Here's what you get when you join us for the challlenge

Challenge Starts 1/30/22
One-Time Fee
  • 5 days of Live training
  • Live coaching and feedback in the Private Challenge Group
  • Daily Action Step
  • Replays of the videos available 7 days
  • BONUS: SEO Your Show Checklist
  • BONUS: Live Q&A 

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